ANTHONY CARTER has for over forty years been involved in the trade in Asian Art, particularly Chinese. His background at Bluett & Sons, first as assistant then as Director and finally as Managing Director gave him a primary interest in ceramics but under the guidance of his exceptional teacher Brian Morgan he developed a deep knowledge in a wide range of subjects, most of them esoteric; some of them benefiting from pioneering research from Sir Harry Garner and others which, had he been given more years, Sir Harry would gladly have tackled. He has published a number of catalogues devoted to these areas, notably the Mu-Fei collection of post archaic jades and “From Innovation to Conformity”, Chinese lacquer from the 13th to 16th century A.D.

The Bluett background also gave him the opportunity to meet many of the great museum curators and he has been fortunate since forming his own business in 1992; in placing pieces with many of the major museums in Europe and America.

He has also served on the vetting committees for the pre-eminent international art fairs.